Private tutoring and exam preparation courses

Our tutoring services include :

home or distance learning- tutoring, help or support (all subjects - French, maths, German, English, science, history, geography and other subjects depending on the student's needs -, all levels from year 3 to year 12 Harmos, as well as gymnasium students and apprentices) throughout the year or on a periodic basis

- Coaching, specific preparation for exams (ECR -Épreuves Cantonales de Référence- for year 4P, 6P and 8P in the canton of Vaud, secondary school leaving certificate for year 11 graders, gymnasium entrance exams, Maturité exams, etc...)

School follow-up courses - All years

ECR at the end of year 4, year 6 and year 8 Harmos classes

Secondary school leaving certificate, year 11

Children with special educational needs / disorders (TDA-H, dys, ....)

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Examples of school support

Here are a few examples of families with whom we work to help with schoolwork and/or exams, and whose children attend our classes in addition to public or public school :

Boy (10VG - 11VG), canton VAUD

When this family contacted us, their son had just had a disastrous year in Year 10. We gradually restored his confidence and, thanks to our regular support, he improved his results in maths and French and was able to pass his school-leaving certificate the following year.

Girl (9VG - 10VP), canton VAUD

The mother called on us to help her daughter improve her level in French and maths so that she could progress from VG (Voie Générale) to VP (Voie Prégymnasiale). We gave her the tools she needed to catch up. Today, she's continuing with the support classes and is confidently achieving excellent results.

Boy (Gymnasium - 1st and 2nd year of Maturité), canton VAUD

This young boy needed support in science, English and German to pass his A-levels. For each subject, we found him the best tutors, while ensuring constant, reassuring contact: Regular contact, as with all our customers. And contact that we consider imperative, especially when several people are involved in the course.

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