Our examples of educational services are as diverse as they are varied.

Since Marie set up Culture NetWorld in the canton of Vaud in 2018, she has managed to solve all the very diverse case studies that have come her way, some of them particularly complex.

CThese are all challenges that motivate her more and more, especially in view of the results she achieves to the great satisfaction of those who come to her. personalised coursesAs a result, she has built up a reputation and a growing list of customers who are very satisfied with her services.

Marie has gradually surrounded herself with people who are highly competent, talented and passionate about their fields, and is constantly expanding her services throughout Switzerland. She will be able to recommend the members of her team who will best meet your tutoring needs. And if you come to her with a situation that is even different from the ones she might have encountered in her career, her services will range from giving you lessons herself to finding you THE ideal person.

Your situation may be different from those described on this site and that you may have encountered when visiting it, but don't hesitate to tell us about your situation, we're here to help you find a solution:

get me a tutor or find me a solution

For instance, we can help you in the following cases :

Children with special needs/ disorders (ADHD, dys ...)

Children suffering at school / dropping out

French courses for non-native speakers or non-French speakers

Private tutoring and/or exam preparation courses

Language courses

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