Our 2024 Secondary Year 11 Certificate exam preparation courses

Dates of the next school-leaving exam preparation courses

We run two 4-day courses during the year. Both take place during the Easter holidays in April. These holidays are the last before the final written exams, which take place in June.

Certificate exam preparation courses

Here are the dates of our preparatory courses for the 2023-2024 school year :
Week 1 :
Tuesday 2nd to Saturday 6th April 2024
(Monday 1st April 2024 will be Easter Monday and therefore a public holiday, so it will be the "vacant" day of this week's course)
Week 2 :
Monday 8th to Friday 12th April 2024
(Wednesday 10th April 2024 will be the "vacant" day of this course week)

These secondary school leaving certificate exam preparation courses are organised at our centre in Pully, near Lausanne.
They can also be organised at other locations, on request and for a minimum of 4 students.

Our courses enable students to revise specifically with a view to passing their school-leaving exams in Year 11. They enable them to prepare in the best possible conditions and benefit from valuable advice to develop their skills with confidence.
Our lessons are given in small groups by experienced teachers in a stimulating environment.
We help each of our students to acquire working methods that suit them.
We communicate openly with parents to ensure a consistent approach that respects each student's needs.

Our prices per week for Certificate exam preparation courses :

Our prices are calculated per subject studied (maths, French, German and English). The number of hours offered during the 4-day course is not the same for each subject.
Maths : ChF 420/week of 4 days (8 h 00 of preparation classes)
French : ChF 420/week of 4 days (8 h 00 of preparatory classes)
German : ChF 135/week (3 h 00 of preparation classes spread over 2 days)
English : ChF 135/week of course (3 h 00 of preparation classes spread over 2 days)

You can pre-register using our online form.

I would like to download the pre-registration form for a course preparation
for the secondary school leaving certificate exams (11S)
during the april Easter holidays

Please return this form by e-mail, duly completed, dated and signed, to info@culturenetworld.ch.
You will be asked to pay a deposit of 10% of the total amount to confirm your pre-registration. A registration offer will be sent to you shortly afterwards. The remaining amount will be payable before the 1st day of the course.

I can access the CNW contact form for more information

General information on year 11S Certificate examinations

Dates of the next written tests for 2024 :

Monday 3rd June 2024 (morning) : French
Tuesday 4th June 2024 (morning) : German
Wednesday 5th June 2024 (morning) : Mathematics
Thursday 6th June 2024 (morning) : English

What are the certificate examinations ?
At the end of Year 11, secondary school leaving certificate examinations are held in all schools in the canton of Vaud..
At the end of the year, these exams include written tests in :
and English.
Since June 2022, these tests have been cantonal.
The oral exams (as well as the written OCOM/OS exams) are administered independently by each school.

Examination results count for 20% of the Final Certificate mark in the subject concerned (compared with 80% for the annual average).
For subjects that do not have end-of-year examinations, only the annual average counts towards the final Certificate grade.

To ensure that you obtain this certificate with complete peace of mind, we can help you to ensure that your work is regular throughout the school year. Students can be monitored by specialist tutors.

Apply for regular preparation courses for the school-leaving certificate

During the April holidays, courses to prepare for the end-of-year written exams can be highly beneficial, as is the case with the ECR preparation courses in Vaud.